Kelly Quah

As Centre Manager at ACG Remuera Early Learning School (ELS), Kelly Quah loves to see children thrive and grow as they become happy and confident young learners.

With her career in education spanning over 15 years in both Singapore and New Zealand, Kelly shifted her focus to early childhood education eight years ago. And as a fully qualified ECE teacher, she has been teaching and managing preschools in New Zealand ever since.

Before joining our team, Kelly was already familiar with the ACG Schools group, as her daughter currently attends ACG Sunderland in West Auckland. So, when the opportunity came up to manage ACG Remuera ELS, she jumped at the chance.

"I was especially attracted to ACG Remuera ELS due to the amazing space they have and the lovely teachers I met. The centre is very warm and nurturing, which is incredibly important, and all of the children seem really calm and happy."

Kelly believes that for an Early Learning School to be truly exceptional, it must perform well across three key areas. The first of these is creating genuine and respectful partnerships with parents and families. The second is an outstanding, well-resourced environment that provides a welcoming space for children to explore. And the third is dedicated teachers who act as role models for the children, showing them an inquisitive mindset, an open attitude, and a desire to discover new things.

As such, ACG Remuera ELS was the ideal fit for the experienced educator.

ACG promotes an inquiry and play-based learning environment, which has been carefully designed to achieve the best learning outcomes for every child. This approach mirrors Kelly's educational philosophy perfectly.

"I believe that children flourish through care and positive interactions, a naturally paced motor development programme, free movement and uninterrupted blocks of play," she explains. "Children are naturally curious, and by enjoying hands-on exploration, active play and investigation, they will engage in meaningful learning experiences as they begin to make sense of the wider world.

"It is incredibly important to instil the love of learning in our tamariki at a young age. Witnessing a child growing from an infant to a capable, independent young learner with all the skills to start primary school is the most exciting area of early childhood education."

With a particular interest in infant and toddler development, Kelly loves her involvement with the Under Twos and can often be found in the Infants Room with the babies. An advocate of the impact that a child's first 1000 days will have on their future outcomes, she ensures that care, attention are showered on her youngest charges as they are surrounded by nurturing and positive interactions.

"It can sometimes be challenging for parents to send their infant off to preschool for the first time, but once they see the level of care and affection their child will receive, and how comfortable their baby or toddler has become at the centre, it definitely helps to put their minds at ease."

In addition, Kelly is passionate about fostering strong relationships with the ACG Remuera ELS community.

"Building meaningful connections with the children and their families is the most rewarding part of my role as a teacher," she adds. "While the most satisfying aspect of my managerial role is the ability to mentor and support my teachers as we work together in a team."

Described by friends and colleagues as a planner and strategist who constantly inspires others, Kelly finds that practising yoga and taking long walks in her local community are great ways to unwind. She also adores spending quality time with family and friends (usually with a coffee in hand), reading or enjoying a relaxing massage.