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Early childhood learning in a stunning new environment

Our Early Learning School (ELS) has recently undergone the first stage of a stunning refurbishment programme, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the bright and modern spaces we have created. Refreshing the centre from the ground up, we are in the process of introducing a Reggio Emilia inspired environment, ranging from new flooring and furniture to an open and light-filled reception area.
Early childhood learning in a stunning new environment

As children begin to investigate and explore the world, their physical environment is incredibly important. So we are specifically designing our ELS to capture a child's natural curiosity, creativity and sense of wonder and perfectly complement our warm and nurturing atmosphere. Centre Manager Kelly Quah is delighted with the results.

"I am really pleased with how the current renovation has transformed the centre and given it a bright and spacious look," confirms Kelly. "What I love the most is the way the timber flooring has created such a calm and warm feel as you enter the space.

"I personally feel that the days of cluttered and colourful walls and furniture in an early childcare setting are over. As adults, we can feel overwhelmed when we are in an over-filled space that is too vividly colourful, and so can our children. It can be a sensory overload. However, with our light and gentle colour scheme, the current renovation has created a calm and soothing feel to the rooms, allowing children to focus on their learning and play."

The centre's children and parents are also enjoying ACG Remuera's fresh and contemporary appearance.

"Wow is the word that parents use to describe the centre when they first see what we have done and how the reception area has been transformed," adds Kelly. "I've received a lot of comments about how everything is now so spacious, and everyone loves the changes we have made." 

Currently in the process of enrolling a bevy of ACG's youngest students, Kelly is excited to welcome lots of new families into the ACG Remuera community. 

"Children are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to share our early childhood expertise and learning with youngsters of different ages and stages. The refurbishment has meant that we are stocked with resources and activities for the children to discover.

"Our focus on early literacy and numeracy with our Transition to School programme is another strong drawcard for parents. Our current families rave about how well prepared their child was when they progress to school. We are incredibly proud to provide a strong foundation for all our children and equip them with the skills they require as they enter primary school.

"Additionally, the hospitality and the warmth prospective families feel as they visit our centre is part of what makes ACG Remuera so special. One parent who recently visited us mentioned 'there's a good vibe here' that they can sense. The priority of our teachers is to get to know and understand each and every child's learning needs. Then, they are better able to plan for the children's learning accordingly, in collaboration with the family.

Now that the first stage of the refurbishment is complete, the next item on Kelly's agenda is to begin hosting small events for families and whānau throughout the remainder of the year.

"We have not been able to hold events in the past year due to Covid-19, and I am really looking forward to welcoming our families back to the centre. Within the current guidelines, we are now able to hold small events, and it makes a huge difference when families can come in and join their children during these activities. I can't wait to see everyone with us again."