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Meet the Payne family

Anthea and Gabrielle Payne love their teachers at ACG Remuera and are flourishing under the care and attention they receive from the Early Learning School's expert staff. Four-and-a-half-year-old Anthea constantly regales her parents with stories about her adventures at the preschool, and 21-month-old Gabrielle can't wait to meet her little friends at the centre every day.
Meet the Payne family

Kindness, respect, inclusiveness, fun, engagement, and a genuine care for every child's wellbeing. When it comes to preschool, that's what matters most to the Payne family.

Kim and Reuben Payne were determined to send their daughters to a warm, welcoming preschool that would nurture and support their physical, social, emotional, and academic development. A safe, loving and comfortable environment where their children felt a sense of belonging was a top priority, as were bright, open and dynamic spaces for play, learning and exploration. Since enrolling Anthea nearly four years ago, they have been so delighted with the centre that there was never any doubt Gabrielle would attend the Early Learning School (ELS) too. 

"The most important aspect for us was to know that our children are loved and cared for," says Kim. "We wanted to send our children to a preschool where our daughters would receive the love and attention they need to grow and be happy. We found that with ACG!"

"This preschool has everything a parent could want for their child or children – caring and dedicated teachers, great outdoor and indoor play and learning spaces, and a management team that keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine."

The ELS meets all of the family's needs as their little girls not only pursue their own interests but are continually introduced to a wide variety of activities and actively build relationships with their playmates.

"Both girls absolutely love reading and are given ample time to make the most of their classroom's reading materials. And they love the creative playtime sessions and playing outside with their friends, especially in the sandpits!

"Both girls also love eating! ACG has an amazing in-house chef who provides photographic menus each week so the girls can excitedly see what they have in store. They enjoy the freshly made, healthy and varied meals every single day!"

In addition, Kim and Reuben appreciate the academic focus of the ELS, which includes age-appropriate introductions to basic numeracy and literacy, especially as Anthea will soon be transitioning to primary.

"As Anthea nears the end of her time at ACG Remuera, she has shown great interest in learning to read and write. The centre has implemented an excellent School Readiness programme to foster that whilst maintaining the fun and creativity of a preschool," confirms Reuben. "At four-and-a-half years old, Anthea has just read her very first book!"

"Gabrielle is currently in the Kowhai room with her baby friends," adds Kim. "There is a rich variety of exploratory play set up in a safe and accessible manner, encouraging investigation and learning. Her teachers are very loving and nurturing and care greatly for the children. They are always thrilled when Gabrielle learns new things or develops new skills and are so excited to share this with us."

According to the Paynes, sharing information is something ACG Remuera does incredibly well.

"We've always been happy with all the daily photos and regular updates posted on StoryPark, which show their teachers keep a close eye on our girls and really understand their personalities. Based on the detailed progress and developmental reports, it is obvious that a lot of thought and care has been put into these individualised accounts. And we love that we get asked for areas we'd like Anthea (and later for Gabrielle) to focus on developing. 

"We are also very impressed with how the preschool has dealt with the Covid pandemic. At every step, the centre has been proactive in managing the changing environment to ensure the safety of our children."

The inclusive nature of the centre is also a big drawcard for the family.

"We love the diversity of ACG Remuera, which is reflected in the background and ethnicities of the teachers and children. Their willingness to support children with specific needs and the celebrations of numerous cultural celebrations allows both the kids and their families to enjoy events throughout the year."