We design our curriculum to allow for facilitated and self-directed learning in the Senior Preschool room, fostering intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. We encourage self-initiated interactions and spontaneous activities that engage children as a whole. Our learning programs are carefully planned and evaluated, using Te Whariki as our framework.

As a teaching team, we prioritise children's knowledge, skills, attitudes, and dispositions, actively planning their next learning steps. We believe in creating an effective and enjoyable learning environment that includes open questions, modelling conversations, and desired behaviours to support and extend their learning.

We integrate literacy and numeracy into meaningful experiences for children, aiming to facilitate a love of learning. We offer a phonics-based literacy program to prepare children for school. Additionally, we provide a school readiness program that focuses on developing social and emotional competencies, with the goal of ensuring they become happy, content, and confident individuals ready for a smooth transition to school.

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