Junior Preschool Room

At ACG Remuera Early Learning School, we view our toddlers as capable, fun and active explorers curious about the world around them.

As a teaching team, we are passionate about growing our toddlers into capable and independent individuals.  At this young age, our toddlers are given time, space and freedom to discover their identity, their voice and their self-confidence through both collaborative and solitary experiences. This is with a focus on providing open and flexible learning spaces that follow the natural cues of children’s needs and interests. We use key teaching strategies such as role-modelling, intentional teaching as well as scaffolding methods to support children’s self-help, social, emotional, physical and brain development.

We value the importance of providing a warm, welcoming and safe environment for our children and their whanau/families. Our whanau come from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Therefore, we strive to deliver a multicultural curriculum that reinforces children’s cultural identities. All this is achieved through our commitment to establishing strong relationships with our children, parents and whanau. 

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